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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci

First things first, before anything, you must make sure every managing lines after you is properly trained and coached to reengage team members from top to bottom of the organization. This step is critical to efficiently conduct quarterly team performance reviews focused on strategic key results and monthly direct report conversations, feedback, recognition focused on human capital progress and alignment.

- Everything is process
- Focus on vital, measurable indicators 
- Leadership leverage dramatically impacts organizational output
- Meetings are a medium of work
- Decisions are the output of a process framed by six questions
- Manage short-term objectives based on long-term plans
- As organizations grow speed decreases while leverage increases
- Functional teams increase leverage, mission-oriented teams increase speed
- Dual reporting increases both leverage and speed
- Manage teams by setting expectations and cultural values
- Motivate employees by “shaping the field” based on what drives them
- Use performance reviews to improve performance
- When an employee quits, it’s the manager’s fault
- Recycle high achievers who are over-promoted
- Training is the manager’s job
- Assess your own output

The solution
We are providing the training to learn and implement the system, knowledge, framework and tools, to allow Leaders to start within weeks, their transition to high output leaders and achieve their ambitions.

Leaders will have the freedom to take the training courses at the most convenient time for them, so that it doesn't interfere too much on their busy agendas. Weekly follow up with myself directly will be operated to make sure we answer all the questions and help leaders implement and test the new knowledge on the field. 

The high output leader 
Has an adapted high ouput managing system installed, to set team members on the performance path.
Motivates team members to take action.
Engages team members with a compelling mission and vision.
Has the assertiveness to drive outcomes.
Has the ability to overcome adversity and resistance.
Creates a culture of clear accountability.
Builds relationships for trust, open dialogue, full transparency.
Makes decisions based on productivity, datas, feedbacks.

Our method is simple : 
1. New knowledge, new beliefs.
2.Take action.
3.Get results and audit results. 
4.Feedbacks and iterate for continous improvement.
5. Repeat process endlessly until success is reached.


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