French American Trained Life Coach| FMR CEO of a 500M Corp| I help individuals, leaders & organizations, find purpose & vision   to achieve success

Not that this really matters, but I want to tell you why I'm the authority that can help you on this path. 

My childhood and young adult life was ruled by the limitless and raw power of life. Today, I use this limitless and raw power to live the life of my dreams, on my own terms, doing what I love to do and impacting people's lives across the world.

But this has not always been the case!

I went from growing up poor on an island, isolated with no degrees, no networks, no hopes for a better life to becoming Group CEO of a $500 M Corporate telecom group.

I grew up and lived in a house with no electricity, no running water, shared a bedroom with my 2 little sisters. We woke up at 04:30 am every morning 5 days a week, to prepare for school. Our school was just 20 km away, but the traffic system on the island was so bad that we had to wake up 3 hours before the school started.

I started working at 7 y.o, to help my struggling mom earn some money for us. I sold fish and local fresh products on the side of the road. I worked every wednesdays, fridays, week-ends and every holidays until I turned 14. 

I left school at 14 y.o because I needed to work full time for survival. I worked on cargo and fishing ships sailing in the south pacific. At 16 y.o, I paid for my own plane ticket to definitely move from my island to my grand mother's place in LA, where for the 1st time in my life, I experienced modern and confortable life. 

Fast forward years later, I have worked across 7 industries, lived in different countries, scaled from the lowest level of employee status with no degree to becoming at 39 y.o, Group CEO of a 500M Corporate telecom group of 1300 employees. I have a business degree, from one of the top 5 business schools in the world for executive education. ( I will start teaching "Leading and Managing" for 3rd year students there, starting this fall of 2019. How awesome is that!

Everything I envisionned, I achieved, and this is not to brag about it, this is just to say that success starts from within. Having an ultimate Goal and having ultimate Belief in yourself, are the most powerful weapons you can have, when you start out in Life and you must activate those everyday. 

My very own personal formula for success is : 

ultimate Goal + ultimate Belief + ultimate Focus + ultimate Commitment ^Time = ultimate Success

People fail, not because they have no Goal, people fail because they have too many uninspiring goals. People fail not because they don't believe in themselves, people fail because they believe in others more than they believe in themselves. People fail not because they don't focus, people fail because they believe in overnight success and they don't focus long enough. People fail not because they don't commit, people fail because they commit on the wrong things. As a consequence, people fail and believe it to be true, so they stop trying and they live their lives using between 0 and 5% of their potential, living unfulfilled and unhappy lives, making people around them unfulfilled and unhappy.

-I achieved my childhood Goal of sailing around the world, on the most beautiful sailing yacht in the world. 
I worked for a Billionaire for 3 years, sailing and racing on his 129 ft 3 in (39.40 m) around the world, as part of a sailing program that included one circumnavigation, the mediterranean racing circuit, the caribean racing circuit and the America's Cup 2000 in New Zealand. 

-I achieved my Goal of graduating from one of the top business schools in the world. 

-I achieved my Goal of securing top management and top leadership positions in $ multimillion organizations, becoming general manager, Group CEO, chairman of the board and chairman of the advisory board.

-I achieved my Goal of teaching Leadership & Management in one of the top business schools in the world.

-I achieved my Goal of giving back, by helping build a global organization empowering young leaders across the world.
Between 2009 and 2011, with my brother Thione NIANG , I've met world leaders from the US Congress, the White house, the French presidency, many members of governments from different nations, to build youth leadership empowerment programs, across the world through a global organization,, I helped Thione build as Vice president. This global organization now operates fully in 20 countries. I worked intensively for 2 years with Thione to build, structure and scale the project, as a way of giving back to Life what I received.

-Right now, I'm achieving my ultimate Goal, of being totally in control of my life today, being a Dad of 2 boys of 5 y.o and 12 y.o, by living the life of my dreams, doing what I love to do, on my own terms and impacting people's lives across the world. 

Now you might be asking yourself why am I telling you all of this?

I'm telling you all of this, to show you how much I care for you, reading this. It is to show you the focus and the commitment I will bring into this working relationship, no matter if you are an individual, a leader or an organization. The belief I will help you build to achieve success is going to be next level guidance and you need this to reach your next level.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and achieve peak performance by becoming successful in life and business?

If that is your situation, I can help you!

Let’s plan a free 45' Strategic Session directly with me, so you can tell me about your problem, and if there is a fit between your problem & my expertise, I will help you solve this. If there is no fit, that is fine, you move on & I'll wish you, all the success you deserve in life.

To your success,


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