"There are so many people working so hard and achieving so little" Andy GROVE, Intel Corp.

I witnessed first hand around me, how unaddressed poor management...with time, wrongly and badly affects, people's and organizations' capacities to achieve high ouputs. 

Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed for the last 29 years, worst it has amplified.

Managers, you are struggling not because you want to, but because you haven’t been trained or because you haven’t been trained properly. Some of you modeled the wrong mentors, thinking you were making the right calls. When you become a manager, you shift your focus from self growth to your team's growth. 

Whether you are an introvert, inexperienced, lack self confidence, to lead, to speak confidently, lead one on one and group meetings, with or without a business degree, junior, middle, top manager, regardless of past achievements and industry, culture, country, habits, routines; you have the potential to build high output teams and high ouput organizations with a system to build focus, discipline, action.

Today as a Management expert and a PSE athlete, I help managers become high output managers and coaches for their teams.

In my 29 years career, I worked across 7 industries, from apprentice officer at 16 years old in the merchant navy, non commissioned combat navy officer for 2 years at 18 years old, professional yachtsman with circumnavigation and racing experience (2000 america's cup with 90.000 Km or 48.600 nautical miles of navigation ). 

I went from simple employee to general manager positions, finally becoming chairman of the board and general manager of a 1/2 € billion telecom corporate group of 1300 employees in 2013 at 39 years old.  

I've learned the hard way, with trials, errors over a long period of time.

It doesn't have to be that way for you.

You need a “System” that will help you achieve your goals by building focus, discipline, action. 

Where ever you are on your manager's journey, I would love to hear about your story, current situation and goals.

Watch the Free Case Study or connect directly with me on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram @m_f_chapman

To your Success,


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